RotatePay is a virtual community insurance aid, a community where people willingly OFFER their money to other ACTIVE MEMBERS of the community who need it at that point and must have OFFERED theirs earlier.

Our Process

RotatePay have a process that is completely deifferent from other platforms. We don't want any of our participant to loss his donation. We have implemented security insurnace to stop hit and run.

Pledge (Offer Aid)

You declare the willingness to OFFER Aid to another active participtant. Offers are pledged in local currency. Do NOT pledge if you do not have the funds. DO NOT use money you cannot spare.

Pay 20% PH

Once pledge is made, 20% out of the pledged amount is matched to be paid, this in turn serves as a commitment, and this can be obervesed within the 1st week of the OFFEREED pledge. The 20% OFFERED will serve as our mutual security OFFER.

Pay 80%

After successful completion of the 20% insurance payment, the remaining 80% can be matched for full payment within the next 6days - 10days from the day the OFFERED pledge was made.

Receive Aid

This is a process by which an Active Member requests to Get Aid, after succesfull completion of his pledge fullfillment. 14 days after, from the day you pledged one can request for an Aid, as long as he/she has completed his/her pledge